The Dance Down the Aisle

So you’ve been together for ten years. Or maybe you only began to date a month ago. You feel in your heart that this is your true love. This is the one you want to spend the rest of your life next to. But what is the appropriate relationship status? Dating seems too easy, too boring for your level of love. You already shared your first kiss, your first night naked in each other’s arms. There is but one logical step left, which will lead you down the aisle and into your lover’s waiting embrace. Are you ready for marriage? Are they? Before you can decide who should propose and what the guest should eat, you must first decide this crucial question: is it time?

“The darkest secrets have enjoyed the brightest light.”We all know that trust is key to any healthy relationship. However, it is much easier to promise to reveal your deepest secrets than to actually do so. Before you consider proposing, or hoping your beloved will do the same, examine the trust level in your relationship. If your relationship has been completely open from day one, you stand an excellent chance of staying out of divorce court. I am not just talking the “I ate your favorite cereal” kind of revelation. In a relationship, there are some things that must be laid on the table if you hope to get married, or simply stay together:

Ideas of the Wedding March Alternatives

Ideas of the Wedding March Alternatives

–Past relationships. Okay, so your boyfriend from first grade does not count. Your girlfriend from college, who you accidentally impregnated, is. Don’t be afraid of your lover pulling away in horror. If they are truly for you, they will listen and understand, and agree that it was in the past. You must do the same for their secrets, too.–Health: So no one wants to discuss the taboo letters S.T.D. If you have one, or think your partner may, discuss it! Tell the truth. You owe it to each other to be honest. Many relationships are truly forever if they survive this scary conversation.

“You fight, but not to the point of mutual loathing.”

Many people believe that a perfect relationship has no fights. This is untrue. Couples fight over bills, children, vacation, etc. These fights are inevitable, and are, interestingly, expected. It is when you begin to fight over the toothpaste cap and the empty milk jug that you need to worry. Think about it this way. If you can survive the big fights now, you are well prepped for marriage, and you know your love will survive. If someone storms out during every one of these necessary arguments, then marriage is not for you. Just remember that there is no such thing as a perfect couple.



“You and your sweetheart desire the same things.”

I’m not talking that flat screen TV you saw at Best Buy that you just had to have. No. I’m talking children, budgets, etc. If you both want children or neither of you do, then marriage is a good idea. It’s the same principle if you can easily agree on a household budget, if you enjoy the same activities, etc. It is more than wanting the same things, though. You’re truly ready for marriage if, upon realizing that you desire the same basic options, you respect each other’s individual needs.

If you want the same things, lay everything on the table, and fight well, you’re ready for marriage. So what are you waiting for? Go kiss your love and tell them they’re you’re everything.

Save me a seat at the wedding!

Healthy Foods That Could Actually Ruin Your Diet

Have you ever been in a diet? But you find yourself giving up because it seems that it is not working even if you have a proper exercise and as well as you are eating a healthy foods you have thought to help you in your diet? Well maybe you should know better about the foods you are eating even if it is called “healthy foods”.

Foods that are sugary, salty and foods that are rich in calorie content are unseen in the claims of products such as “low fat” or “fat free”. If you really want to become healthy learn to check labels of the foods you are buying of as well as the foods you are eating especially when you are in a diet. For you to be a successful dietician you should learn to be more sensitive of the foods you are eating. Do you know that there are some healthy foods that could make you fat? Yes there is, you maybe surprise but there is.

Why Chocolate Cake Won't Ruin Your Diet

Why Chocolate Cake Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Here are some of those foods that could make you fat and could ruin your diet

Have you prepared a salad in your diet? Well it is included in the list

Salad is not inheritably healthy. Salad such as tuna salad is full of fats and calories, why? It has mayonnaise. It can take your more than your top; a salad that is serves in a restaurant is more than worst than a burger.

Those frozen yogurts? Well it is included in the list

There are yogurts that are good for your consumption, other yogurts contain a nutrient that is good in your immune system, but other yogurts contain fats such as ice cream, and it can definitely ruin your diet.

Why Chocolate Cake Won't Ruin Your Diet

Why Chocolate Cake Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Tuna and sushi are included in the list

The sesames of a tuna is a healthy one but combining tuna and mayonnaise and wrapping it and putting a shrimp in it is not a healthy one. Plus the adding of cheese, avocado, and adding other foods that has preservatives it can ruin your diet and it can turn in a very unhealthy diet.

Have a healthy diet, learned to read labels

It is not necessary for you to avoid these products all you have to do is to limit your intake of these kinds of food when you are in a diet. When you are in a diet it is important for you to read labels of the products you are buying and as well as the foods you are eating. Maybe you are surprise that this food are ruining your diet up to this time, I know that some of you or probably most of you have too much intake in this foods that you actually thought that it could help your diet as well as to loss weight.

5 Mistakes To Avoid For A Profitable Investment

Investments require a sharp mind and a good know-how of the market techniques otherwise you’d end up losing your money. It’s important to take into account all the possible outcomes of the investments and their impact on your financial score. Errors of judgment can result in an out of place investment. You need to consider the consequences carefully before investing. Here are some common mistakes committed by investors every year. Try to avoid these and your investment will flourish for sure.

Failing to understand your investment

People find it very safe to invest in enticing opportunities that promise huge outcomes. But you should never invest in a project which you don’t really understand. Before investing, get an idea of what the project is about, from where will the profits come and what are the risks involved with it. Investing without investigating mostly ends up in a disaster. Your money shouldn’t be wasted on a treacherous project. Be absolutely sure of the whole process and estimated risks so that there will be lesser chances of anything going wrong.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing Money

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing Money

Not managing the possible risks

Once you understand the risks, you should devise a plan to deal with them. What if the stock market crashes completely after you invest? How much money could you lose if that happens? Is there a way out? You should have a plan B at your hand so that you’ll know how to recover the loss and get out of the situation smoothly. Having a plan will help you handle such a situation and minimize the loss.

Not accounting for time horizon

Your investment in an asset should be based on a time frame. If you’ll be needing your capital in the near future, don’t invest it in the stock market. Although these assets promise a huge profit in the long term but it won’t be a good idea if you need the money after a short period of time. However if you want to invest for 5 or 10 years, then this is a very good option for you. It will get you great profits over time.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing Money

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing Money

Ignoring costs

When looking at your investment plan, don’t forget about the costs and the fees that you’ll have to pay. Check out for plans with lower fees so that a small amount will be spent on that. Not taking into account these costs can affect the investment amount. So always keep a check on the fees to devise a strategic investment plan for promising profits.

Expecting a smooth ride

Investments can be risky and you should be ready to embrace any risks and issues that come with it. People are sometimes caught off guard because of a sudden setback. Rise and fall are inevitable in the financial market and expecting a smooth journey to huge profits is a foolish act. You should understand that there are risks involved and a cool behavior is essential for looking for the possible benefits. So keep a positive attitude but do not let the ups and downs disappoint you.

Profitable investments take a carefully devised path having solutions for the possible risks involved. Avoiding the above common mistakes, you can make a successful investment and get profitable outcomes.

3 Effective Time Management Tips For Work At Home Individuals

Time management is a skill that not a lot of people possess. Even those who work at home find it hard to manage their time. Although hard, this skill can be learned. It just takes practice. Even if you’re at home, things can come up anytime and your schedule can be ruined in an instant. By managing your time properly, you can accomplish the day’s tasks even with all the distractions that working from home can give you. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

1. Set your schedule and stick to it

Scheduling is an important part of time management. Setting your working hours in advance allows you and the entire family to know when you’ll be working. This means that there will be lesser interruptions from them. Also, you will be forced to stick to that schedule, leaving you with more time to finish household chores.

3 Work-at-Home Time Management Challenges Solved

3 Work-at-Home Time Management Challenges Solved

2. Know how to multitask

One reason why people work from home is because they have household responsibilities to perform. Through multitasking, you’ll be able to do your household chores and still be effective with your job. Proper multitasking can leave you with a lot of free time. Then again, it’s never easy to multitask. You need to know how to do it and when to do it. It’s important that there’s harmony between your home and your work life. It may be hard at first, but it’ll eventually become routine for you. When that time comes, you’ll be able to make the most out of your day and even finish projects in lesser time.

3. Make use of available tools effectively

There are a lot of tools that can help you manage your time and enable you to do more in any given day. You have the Internet and your desktop or laptop. Even your landline phone and your email are helpful. These tools may be useful, but you can end up wasting all your time if you don’t use them effectively. For instance, you can master email management so you don’t waste time. Send lesser emails and send them in batches. You don’t have to check emails all day long. Set times when you will check for new messages. It’s also best to sort your emails to different folders.

Tips for Time Management

Tips for Time Management

These 3 tips can be very helpful. But unless you know what’s wasting your time, you’ll never be able to solve the problem. So before you apply these tips, know the activities that are consuming most of your time. Once you know what’s keeping you busy, you can look at the different tools that can help you manage time. Perhaps a free online app or a new laptop can make the difference. Take the initiative and you’ll see the wonders of effective time management in no time.